Massa means pasta in Portuguese so his name is already food xD

Wait, so in Brazil his name is actually Phillip Pasta?



Current list, as it stands…
  • Pastor Potatohead Maldonado                    
  • Jenson Button Mushroom                   
  • Nico Bananaberg                          
  • Kiwi Raikkonen                                
  • Romain Growleek                              
  • Nico Princess Peach                            
  • Sergio Pearez                                  
  • Kevin Mangossen                               
  • Valtturnip Bottas                                
  • Fernando Alonion                               
  • Daniel Avocado                               
  • Sebastian Fennel                               
  • Honeydew Hamilton                         
  • Jean Eric Vine                                    
  • Danil Kumquat                                   
  • Kamui Kobaysquashi                       
  • Macadamia Chilton                             
  • Esteban Grapierrez                      
  • Jules Beetanchi                             
  • Marcus Ericssloe                         
  • Felipea Massa                         
  • Adradish Sutil                      

Kevin Magnumssen

Imaginative Justin.. but I’m now slightly worried that the French see Magnums as fruit/veg.. in which case, sign me up for my seven a day!

Heavens.. Yam Magnussen would have helped so much.

Kevin Mangossen?

Ooh, curve ball from anon! I like this! :D

If you wanted to be mean, and I’m not suggesting you ever would, you could label Seb as ‘lemon’ as his face has been sour all season? (could also apply to kimi, but Kiwi is way better)


Sergio Pearez

Love it! Thank you for your Nico contribution also, but I think I’m going with Peach..


I started listening to team radios and just couldn’t stop. Especially Seb’s are so brilliant!  My personal favourites:

  1. But satisfaction.." - Monaco 2013 [x]
  2. I’m going home!" -  Turkey 2010 [x]
  3. But I want to win.." - Hungary 2011 [x]
  4. Let me quote: yeah yeah yeah yeah… I know what I’m doing" - Abu Dhabi 2013 [x]
  5. But seriously, how do you want me to pass if tell me slower and slower" - Canada 2010 [x]

Sassy team radio Seb is my favourite! 


Petition to add Mark to this:

Hold position? Right-oh..





I’ve had an idea, in which the current F1 grid’s drivers need to be represented by a fruit or veg.

Any thoughts??

(don’t worry about Pastor, he’s sorted)


nico rosberg - peace, as in princess peach.

Yess! Marvellous! That’s a keeper!

Honestly, I’m still trying to regroup after Jenson Button Mushroom..

Why was that anon? I didn’t press anon….

You’re a stealth troll.. I knew it!


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Confessions is the simpleton happy to post the crap that people send it.. 

Next thing someone will blame Kimi’s bad form on the fact I didn’t wear red pants on raceday..

Romain has to be a leek surely?

Ohhh.. you’ve got a very valid point there, anon.



Kimi Raikk-onion? Jenson Button Mushrooms? Can everyone tell how bad I am at this? Good good.

Jenson Button Mushroom?

That’s fucking GOLD!! Claimed!

I thought that said Kiwi Raikkonen originally…

Kiwi Raikkonen is also super! Gosh you guys are stellar at this!

Romain is obviously a carrot. And for some reason I want to say that Dan is a pineapple.

Baahaha! I love this Ellie, there is no questionable doubt that Romain, you are a carrot.. and good day to you!

I feel like this has something to do with Dan’s dancing way back.. or did I make up the pineapple on his head??