Tempted to wake her up, but she sings so loud there will be.. consequences (aka. angry boy from room nextdoor, throwing furby put of the window) 😕


Frenchies + Karting

Mon dieu..






So we were having snacks before diner, and suddenly I realized something.

I will never look at Pringles the same way again.

cannot be unseen


Why is Sebastian Vettel such a disrespectful little shit? Racers want to race, and he’s slamming a new category and calling it ‘cheese’.
Listen up, my little German sausage, the way your season’s goin, you’ll be lucky to be racing mobility scooters next year, so zip it.
Real racers will climb into anything and want to win, well done Nick H for sticking up for FE despite what happened to him!




Kimi et Seb

Excuse me.. AND Fernando!

Look at Fernando being all blurry. I want whatever superpower he has.

The original isn’t blurry, it’s been Simified, I am outraged.


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I don’t understand why tall girls aren’t desired. or why I get judged for being tall and get weird looks.

A man’s ego is a very delicate thing. They struggle with being smaller. It’s ridiculously petty.

Anyone who judges you for being tall and gives you weird looks needs a good slap of reality because that is unacceptable. 

Sometimes you meet someone and even though you
never liked brown eyes before, their eyes are your now favourite colour.

— Anonymous  (via seulray)


Kimi et Seb

Excuse me.. AND Fernando!


this the rawest shit i ever seen in my life



#remember when we all watched this show #tbt


"making fun of joan rivers’ death is disrespectful"


# me

Slowly gettin there.. One small step at a time, Jojo..

Not interested in getting up, please tell work no thank you..

I refuse to be victimised for thinking The Audition recorded one decent song..